Leadership Quotes from Three Seven Research, Inc.

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“True greatness is making a positive contribution in a world in dire need of help – of leaving the next generation better equipped to meet life’s challenges.”

“Those that are the most welcomed into the organization are those that readily welcome others.”

“The team member who brings hope, order and direction during a time of crisis will always be welcomed.  It is our job to be “That person”.”

“Success often requires that we adapt our behaviors – the way we interact with others – while retaining the value of our true personality.  This ability to adapt is strength – a sign of intelligence and commitment to the success of the team.”

“To be truly respected we must be passionate, present and  constructively involved in times of crisis.”

“Our sense of significance is directly linked to accomplishing something of value.  One measure of this achievement is seeing our “fingerprints” on our organization’s success.”

“To be truly successful, we must find our “Unique and Significant” place – that role that we alone perform that is essential to achieving the organization’s purpose.”

“Playing a truly unique and significant role in the organization – one that is respected and rewarded – requires mastery in three areas; namely technical capability, interpersonal skills and judgement.”

“Good judgement is largely developed through experience.  Actual learning from prior bad judgment of ourselves and others is the path to this rare commodity.”

“Courage comes naturally when we master the required technical and interpersonal skills”

“Collaboration – truly working as a team – is the key to achieving exceptional results.  It requires a master’s touch – but when unleashed the rewards are amazing!”

“Legacy – seeing that which we started grow, flourish and multiply – is the ultimate accomplishment.”

“There are three common attributes of those who are truly successful; namely, Passion, Collaborative  Relationships and Initiative.  Each of these can be developed.”

“Unless we have Passion – viewing our career as a vocation, an intrinsic calling – we are unlikely to be truly successful”

“The importance of collaborative relationships cannot be overstated – they are essential to both the organization and our development.  The question is, do we intentionally develop relationships to broaden our ability to help the organization thrive?”

“A smooth running organization is the hallmark of a good manager, but it lacks the challenge needed to keep highly-motivated individuals fully engaged. They are always looking for the next opportunity to improve performance and enhance their skills.”

“The future is created by those with initiative, those who seek innovation – those willing to take “intelligent risks!”

“Intelligent risk is the bet that, through collaboration and perseverance, we can win and the rewards of winning are significant while the consequences of failure not career-limiting.”

“Opportunity is often camouflaged as a problem or appears to be a quagmire of risk.”

“Initiative is a key differentiator between those who truly succeed and those who never quite reach their goal – for it is through that expressed courage that we prepare for and seize the opportunity for greatness while others seek to survive for another day.”

“Developing a constructive culture, one where all team members are respected and positive organizational values embraced is a leadership imperative.  It cannot be delegated or ignored.”

“”Pay is the strongest motivator of employee satisfaction and engagement” is a widely accepted myth.  While compensation is important, it is not the most important element in motivating or retaining key employees and is most often cited by lazy managers who let essential talent slip away.”

“The key to increasing your salary is not in asking for a pay raise, but in asking for and assuming greater responsibility.”

‘Success is an ongoing story defined by our past accomplishments, today’s purpose, focus and energy and our legitimate hope for a better future!”

‘Financial retention packages are often touted because they truly do encourage employees to stay with the company.  The first question is, “Do they retain the right employees. The second, often unasked, question is,“Do they motivate those employees to give their best?”