Unleashing the Power of Pervasive Leadership

By | April 7, 2018

“Where there is a lack of leadership, frustration and failure are found. With effective leadership, there is clarity of purpose and achievement abides. But it’s only when Pervasive Leadership prevails that energy, growth and excellence abound.”

Pervasive leadership?” you may ask.

Yes, in great organizations, leadership is evident throughout. People pursue the organization’s goals, build teamwork and improve processes independent of their title or position. There is energy and commitment expressed in each, an intrinsic passion to achieve success.

“Every organization has a purpose, Every person in the organization has a purpose, That is not the question.

 Is it a worthy purpose, a passion that provides meaning and value to society? That is the question that must be answered!

Pervasive Leadership goes beyond the classic management models to encourage its members to clarify the picture of organizational success and then liberates their passion to achieve it.

Yet, Pervasive Leadership does not advocate a free-style leadership model where each individual or group sets their own goals and standards. Instead, it is built on seven interrelated principles – seven time tested characteristics that lead to success:

  • Clarity of vision, purpose and values;
  • Intuitive, effective processes for accomplishing the goals;
  • Exceptional teamwork – each member playing their unique role;
  • Personal and organizational commitment to achieve the organizational goals;
  • Spirit of innovation and renewal, rejecting complacency
  • Encouraging, constructive culture that engages the heart, mind and soul;
  • True leadership that inspires commitment, trust and innovation.

Unleashing the Power Of Pervasive Leadership is the story of our journey in discovering these seven characteristics in a variety of organizations – both for profit corporations and non-profits. It includes insights that you can apply no matter whether you are a senior executive, aspire to be one or just want to make a difference. You will be rewarded as you join this journey.

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