Bryce’s Thoughts on Leadership

By | April 7, 2018

Leaders create the future. They bring us together to build a better life and a strong, vibrant business. To accomplish this, leaders:

Define a vision providing a clear purpose. Leaders bring the vision to life, compelling and empowering the team to make it a reality. They set expectations. They define success. They motivate, generate energy and create an environment for action.


“To be truly successful, we must find our “Unique and Significant” place – that role that we alone perform that is essential to achieving the organization’s purpose.”

Deliver the results. Leaders break down barriers and provide support to achieve near-term goals needed to realize the long-term purpose. They are part of the team. They are accountable and ask “Did we accomplish what we set out to do?”

Develop collaboration and inspire commitment. Leaders actively develop and participate in an open, constructive culture of trust and respect where each individual commits their unique and significant talents to achieve excellence. They engage themselves and others. They set an example. They are committed and they expect the same from others.

Leaders seek sustained excellence by creating a leadership culture where individuals grow and the team has the tangible and intangible resources to accomplish the impossible. To do that, my principles – the commitments I make to myself and to those around me – embody the following:

  • Entrusting my heart to our vision and our people, because if I don’t, then there is no reason for me to take a stand. I ask you to display the same courage so we can succeed.
  • Creating energy through a positive, forward-looking attitude and a shared understanding of the importance of achieving our vision. I will set challenging goals with clear expectations that demand action to get results.
  • Building an environment that encourages innovation, trusts individual talents, respects differences, develops skills and nurtures collaboration so that those around me can take initiative & empower themselves. With empowerment comes accountability and moral responsibility, which I expect of myself and of you.
  • Committing to excellence through continuous improvement. Embracing the fact that knowledge comes from celebrating successes and learning from failures. I understand and appreciate that ‘excellence’ is a dynamic concept that never rests.
  • Proving myself through my actions. I will cultivate and develop you by letting you see me learn and grow, see my successes and failures.
  • Engaging myself and demanding the total engagement of those around me. We can succeed only if everyone gives their best.
  • Believing that we can change the world. How are you going to change your world? How are we going to change our world?

Each of us is a leader. No matter what title or position we hold, all of us must express these qualities for any of us to succeed in creating our future – a great future!


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